A date to remember

It took me a long time to admit, even to myself, that I liked men. It took me so long, among other things, because I knew that being gay used to mean having a difficult life: hate, no legal support for a partner, no family, etc. If being gay is just an option why would anyone choose such a hard life? Why would anyone choose to have less rights than his or her friends? That’s why I didn’t want to be gay. Turns out, being gay is not an option. You love who you love and you have pretty little control over that. And that’s the beauty of it.

When Spain passed the law that allows same sex marriage in 2005, I had just started dating the greatest guy I’ve ever met. I married him 6 years later. And that was a moment of great happiness for both of us, but also for our families and friends.

Even if it took a bit longer than what we all wanted, the Supreme Court of the United States decision on establishing marriage as a right on all 50 states is part of History. Not only many American loving couples will have the possibility to have a legal support for their love. But also because gay and lesbian teenagers who, like myself at that age, are in terrible doubts between being themselves or being who society wants them to be. Society wants you to be happy, the US Constitution protects your right to be treated equal no matter who you love. That’s one less problem to care about.

But more than great news for Americans, this is a world class decision. The United States of America have long been a democracy example for many other countries. This decision cannot be easily ignored and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the effects sooner or later.

Congratulations and enjoy equality.

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